Friday, April 15, 2016

changes are good, changes are necessary as we never stop growing

preview of pop-a-porter wordpress site

I decided that it was time for a fresh new website, were everything that you need to know about pop-a-porter will be there, from a good 'about me' page to an updated portfolio, with professional pages for press & wholesale and of course a shop! Full with beautiful colourful works. 
A web-site that I will build myself!  Meaning for me, a web-site that I can updated myself and keep up te date. ( I got a lot of help for my current shop, even more help for my old web-site) and doing all the necessary updated is quite difficult technically, so I took the hard decision to switch to Wordpress and mastering it ! 
It already looks quite beautifull and I'm exited to show it to you (it is not online yet, don't try to find it ). Of course I'll let you know evewrything about it in time. 

The other big decision I took is to separate my jewellery work from my  my posts abouts my dutch way of life. 
 The new web-site will only be about my jewellery... 
But I'm already thinking about opening a new blog or use this one to talk about all the other things I love, like cooking, gardening, floral composition... of course I'll let you know as well. 
Changes are good, changes are necessary, because we never stop to grow. 

Friday, April 1, 2016

my first ladybugs order, tremble afids, tremble !

A l'entrée de mon appartement se trouve un rosier, infesté tous les ans par plein de pucerons. Cette année , ni une, ni deux, je m'en occupe de ce rosier. Déjà, je l'ai taillé, non sans peur parce que j'ai jamais taillé un rosier! J'ai vu avec plaisir plein de nouvelle branches et feuilles apparaîtrent la semaine d'après ! 
Après je suis passée à l’attaque en achetant des larves de coccinelles, j'ai attaché le sac a une branche, maintenant c'est aux larves de faire leur chemin et de se régaler. Affaire à suivre... 
At my apartment entrance, there is a rosebush, infested every year by lots of aphids. This year, it's decided, I'll take care of this plant. First, I pruned it, not without fear because I never pruned  a rosebush  before! I saw with pleasure, a lot of new branches and leaves appear the following week!
After that, I went into  battle by buying some ladybird larvae, I tied the bag on a branch, now it is time for the larvae to make their way and enjoy. Stay tuned ...

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

floral table arrangement

flower arrangement, flower bouquet
I hope that you had a nice easter week-end ! I did and enjoyed cooking nice things for a delicious colourful brunch  ( I will talk you about it in my next post ) but first a few picture of my floral arrangement. 

I usually compose 'big' bouquets of one type of flowers but this time, I wanted to add some spices, try something new and compose a flower arrangment with differents types of flowers. Being so inspired by all the beautiful bouquets that you can see on pinterest. Have a look to my pinterest floral board here. 

I took some flowers from my previous ranunculus bouquet, bought some craspedia (I will try to grow them in my garden this year since I found some seeds at the flower market) and some eucaliptus branch. I went in the garden for picking some fresh tulips and some muscaris.

 First in making theses arrangment, I added a pin flower flog ( see my previous post about it ) at the bottom of my beautiful ceramic cups from Lenneke Wispelwey
Starting with the bigest flowers, I pined the ranunculus first, then added the tulips. After that I created some hight with the eucalypstus branches and the caspedia flowers. I finished by filling the gasp with the muscaris. 

Spring is here, have you done your flowers seedings yet ? This year, I want to plant beautifull flowers to makes originals bouquets. Stay in touch.... 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

spring bouquet

 Mon secret pour faire de jolis bouquet de fleurs avec un vase à ouverture assez large et peu de fleurs?  
Placez au fond du vase cet objet qui pique, je ne connait pas le nom en français mais c'est super pour faire ses bouquets!  On y plantes les fleurs qui tiennent bien en place :-)
J'ai commandé le mien aux fleuristes de bloemen van Haas
Bon bouquettage ! 
My secret to make a beautiful flower bouquet  with a fairly wide opening vase and few flowers?
 Place at the bottom of the vase a flower props, I used a metal pin one , it's great for making your flowers standing straight in your vase ;-)
I ordered mine with  the florists of bloemen van Haas.
Have nice flowers composition !

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

spring is almost here !


Le printemps est bientôt la ! 
Ma saison favorite, quand la nature se reveille et que tout semble possible, le renouveau des plantes me met en joie ! 
Je voulais vous monter d'ou venait mon inspiration pour  mes boucles 'bulb'.
 De mon jardin à l'atelier. 
Les boucles bulb sont parfaite pour ajouter de l'originalité à une tenue de fête ou l'on veut se démarquer. 
Une invitation à une garden partie dite vous ? 
Spring will be here soon! 
My favorite season, when nature wakes up and everything seems possible, the renewal of plants makes me happy!
I wanted to show you some behind the sceen, how came my inspiration for my 'bulb' earrings.
  From my garden into the workshop.
The bulb earrings are the perfect choice to add originality to a party outfit where you want to stand out.
An invitation to a garden party you said ?

Thursday, February 18, 2016


display plants styling on a Tomado shelve
Des nouveaux venus dans ma collection de cactus ! 
Je suis en train de vous préparer une nouvelle broche cactus, il me fallait de l'inspiration :-) 
Some new members in my cacti collection!
 I'm designing a new cactus brooch, I needed some inspiration :-) 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

featured on happyMakersBlog !

valentine gift selection
 Ma broche cœur  fait partie de la sélection de la semaine de la st valentin sur l'HappyMakersBlog!
 Amour, joie, bonheur ! Merci Monique !  
Allez voir le post en entier ici 
My heart brooch was featured on the HappyMakerBlog for the valentine's week selection ! 
Love, joy, happyness ! Thank you Monique !
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